Andre Zimma Remixes


Slope ‘Purified’


‘Purified’ is the first release of many more to come in 2013. The series starts with a massive 4 to the floor shaker to heat up your soundsystem. Our new singer Knixx is flying thru the uplifting atmospheres and giving the deep-tech-house track a nice feeling. Soon we´ll present you …

Dj Ghe’s Nekton


Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is : Dj Ghe’s long awaited album. Yes, it finally happens & Slope Music is happy to release this statement. A tribute to the early days of hip hop. For those who wait for it soo long, you will be not disappointed. You will enjoy hip …

Cosmic Tree ft. Oezlem


Slope & singer Oezlem’s reinterpretation of 4hero’s song ‘Cosmic Tree’ comes in a fresh disco-house version inclusive a instrumental dub on Slopemusic. The original was released on the legendary Two Pages album. Slope was always a fan of 4hero’s music. One day in 2008 they meet up on stage at …

Slope Dub’s


Dub’s or let’s say instrumental versions of housetracks we often was asked to release. Here we go >  

Nippon House


Slope did this mix for the Nippon Connection compilation. The only thing they have got was a Shakuhachi Flute recording . Well, not bad how it turned out. The Release came with a beautyfull Package tripple CD with a flip-book.

Andre Zimma Album




Driving Housemusic with a blend of Jazz. Featured on Jazzanova’s highly acclaimed Mixing… compilation on Sonar Kollektiv.

Want’Choo Longa + O-Bah + Ain’T Nothing Like This… Remixes


Daz-I-Kue & Afronaught (Bugz In The Attic) funked up ‘Want’Choo Longa ft. Ovasoul 7′. Daniel Magg’s ‘O-Bah’ served in a refreshed version by Slope in 2006 (Originaly released on Compost Records). Charles Webster surprised us with his ‘Slightly Slower Mix’ (115 BpM) of ‘Ain’t Nothing Like This feeling’.

Andre Zimma Ep 2


Slope Is Dope !


Remixes from Friends for Friends.

Slope ‘Komputa Groove’


3. full leng album with artists like Capitol A, Ovasoul 7, Clara Hill, Eva Navrot, King Kapisi & Colin Corvez. Big Fun !

Slope reMixed


Amazing remixclassics by Yannick L from Trickski, Lars Behrenroth and a rework by Innocent Sorcerers from Poland.

Slope M


Slope’s second album released in 2003 features vocalists like Desney Bailey, Deyampert, Nix, Jane Hamilton & Yolanda. It starts with the dancefloor tester Basscheck goes on with the downtempotune ‘KeepingItUp’ featuring Desney Bailey over to the brokenbeat feetknoter ‘(Trust) The Universe’ with Nix …. Experimental Electronic HipShaker to Headknokking Pads …

Daniel Paul * Outta Space


No more words needed then 100% Dancefloorpleasure with a 80’s Boogiedisco feeling

Daniel Paul & Tobe ‘My Day ft. Amraah8′


What a beautiful combination: Bittersweet Basslines, lovely Pianet akkords, magic strings by Volker Meitz & intensiv vocals by Heather & Chaneng of Amraah8 (Cleveland). The original piece was recorded in summer 1997. Tobe came up with this timeless bassline. Daniel was just hypnotized and started playing the Pianet. Our friend …

Daniel Paul ° Regulus


About ‘Island Part One & Two’ a friend of us asked if this music is made for the movie ‘Himmel Über Berlin’ well’ just ckeck it out. ‘Quicky’ & ‘Cocktail’ some people call Chillout or Laidback, Some say it’s Housemusic. We say it’s nice electronic music.

Slope – Smooth, Filter &, Electric 2


Slope recorded this EP with many electronic instruments in his Studio Pankow/Berlin and shows his varieties like 808Jazz, EZ-Going Hop & Smoothe Electro.  ‘Electric 2′ is the first release of Todd Bodine in cooperation with Daniel Paul. Stephan Leisering from Jazzanova played a rhodes-solo on ‘Filter &’. Supported by 4Hero …

No Cookies


Slope’s first album finished in the year 1996. It’s seems like they was lost in space at there studiosessions. Dj Armin from Melting Point Recordstore, Kosmonaut & Jan was also on board for a while. Minimized Ambientmusic influenced by classic, acid, house, jazz, funk, soul, walz,…