Cosmic Tree ft. Oezlem

Slope & singer Oezlem’s reinterpretation of 4hero’s song ‘Cosmic Tree’ comes in a fresh disco-house version inclusive a instrumental dub on Slopemusic. The original was released on the legendary Two Pages album.
Slope was always a fan of 4hero’s music. One day in 2008 they meet up on stage at a Polish festival in Stettin. After the show Marc of 4hero asked Daniel of Slope to choose a song for a reinterpretation. Yes, sure. here we go: Slope back in the studio worked on a disco house version of ‘Cosmic Tree’ together with singer Oezlem from Hamburg to rerecord the beautiful vocals. Andre Zimma, another alias of the Slope heads, soon a member of the label Slopemusic, meet Ye:Solar in the rehearsal-room to try out a jazzversion. This sprout came out 2009 on 4hero’s Extensions release. Now we are happy to release the first version we did for 4hero inclusive the instrumental dub. The cover-painting comes from the original Two Pages artwork by Ceed.