Dj Ghe’s Nekton

Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is :

Dj Ghe’s long awaited album. Yes, it finally happens & Slope Music is happy to release this statement. A tribute to the early days of hip hop.
For those who wait for it soo long, you will be not disappointed. You will enjoy hip hop tunes filled with big band jazz, latin &  soul. All served with a swing and blinking eye.
It was growing over years like a tasteful wine. We put a lot of work into it  to present it now to your ears. His previews releases on Sonar Kollektiv (thank you guys, especialy Claas) made his big rounds. Everyone loved Dj Ghe’s tunes since he heard it. This style is comparable to Dj Day, Mr. Scruff or fans of the early Jazzanova releases.
Capitol A did what he is well known for: poetry performances on head knocking music. He showed again his rhymes talents on the microphone. What a perfect combination!